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Together, we can nurture safe and happy childhoods.

Our Mission:

To empower caregivers with the tools and knowledge to protect and empower their children through facilitating open and developmentally appropriate conversations about mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Our Vision:

A world where every child thrives.

We must talk to our children about their bodies and how they can stay safe.

Dr. Lauren Hodges, founder of Kula Empowered, understands the desire and unrelenting need to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. With over a decade of experience in child welfare and firsthand insights from interviewing victims of child sexual abuse, Dr. Hodges has dedicated her career to protecting children and supporting families.


Kula Empowered is more than just an app; it's a lifeline for parents who want to safeguard their children. This mobile application is designed to help you understand child development, social dynamics, and peer influences. Most importantly, it provides you with the knowledge to address body safety in a way that is appropriate for your child's age and stage of development. 


Developed by a parent for parents, Kula Empowered empowers you to be the expert your child needs. By fostering open, healthy conversations about their bodies and relationships, we hope you will strengthen engagement and communication with your child so that you are the expert in their eyes.  With Kula Empowered, you're not just learning; you're taking a proactive step toward creating a safer world for your child.


Join Dr. Hodges and countless other parents who are making a difference. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to protect your child and nurture their sense of security and self-worth. Download Kula Empowered today and take the first step in safeguarding your child's future.


"As someone who grew up in a household tinged by the consequences of sexual abuse, discovering the Kula app has been a revelation and a source of immense hope.This app, aimed at empowering and educating parents about preventing sexual abuse in children, resonates deeply with me due to my family's history.

My parents, both victims of abuse, inadvertently instilled more fear than education in me regarding sexuality. This not only affected my perception but also made me anxious about how to approach this subject with my own child. Kula stands out as a transformative tool, breaking these cycles of fear and misinformation.

The app is user-friendly and addresses sensitive topics with an appropriate balance of seriousness and understanding. Kula is providing me with monthly valuable insights and tools, to educate and protect my child in a healthy, informed manner." - Annie, mom to 8 year old girl

"Kula is an indispensable tool in a world still grappling with misogyny. This app educates parents and children on preventing sexual abuse, challenging gender stereotypes and promoting respect for all genders. It empowers users to recognize and confront abuse, a crucial step in a society where females often face marginalization. Kula's focus on consent, boundaries, and equality is a powerful counter to misogynistic attitudes, fostering healthier interactions and awareness." - Parent in Canada

"Parenting can be overwhelming and often times, I find myself worrying about how I am going to handle things in the future. Kula has helped me center my focus on the issues/milestones my kids are facing right now, at the age they are at, rather than worrying about how I will handle issues they will have two years from now. Kula has also brought forth important topics to be mindful of that I would have never have thought of myself." - Margot, mom to two boys

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