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Dr. Hodges offers virtual mentorship/coaching services for children aged 12-17. If you are having difficulty connecting with your child and struggling to find ways to understand their goals, needs, and motivations, click here to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation.


Dr. Hodges has over ten years of experience working with youth with complex emotional and behavioral health needs. Dr. Hodges provides a calm and welcoming environment for your child to engage in a trusting relationship to further understand their sense of personal empowerment, motivation and vision for their life. Dr. Hodges will be the mediator between you and your child and will develop ways to improve communication, understanding and acceptance between you and your child. All sessions will be conducted virtually. Click here to schedule your free consultation. 

The App:

Kula Empowered's mobile app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The app is intended for caregivers of children aged 3 to 18, and provides parents/caregivers with ways to speak with their child about how to stay safe physically, and emotionally. 

Our Values

  • Kula is a Sanskrit term that means community. We believe protecting children is a community's responsibility.

  • Kula believes in giving parents the tools they need to be the expert in personal safety for their child

  • Kula believes in providing children with the space they need to talk about their bodies and their personal safety

  • Kula envisions a community and world where children are free from victimization and harm

Benefits of Kula

  • You will learn about normative childhood development

  • You will learn about social influences in your child's life and how they may impact them

  • You will learn how to talk to your child about their personal safety: physical, mental and emotional safety

How It Works

  • After download, enter your child's name or nickname and select their month and year of birth

  • Every month, you will receive a push notification detailing a developmental milestone related to your child, and information about social influences that may impact them

  • You will also receive an activity of discussion prompt which provides information about a way in which to address your child's personal safety. That could be their physical safety, emotional safety or mental safety. These tips will eventually lead to discussions about healthy relationships, boundaries and consent.

  • Kula believes that consistent conversations with your child about their physical body, and emotional and mental well-being will prevent your child from potential harm or victimization.

  • Kula feels that your child will benefit from consistent messaging from you to better inform them about how to keep themselves safe

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